Chrysiptera chrysocephala (Pomacentridae), FB

Chrysiptera chrysocephala
Chrysiptera chrysocephala


Confidence: identification partially based on location

Chrysiptera chrysocephala is a member of the Chrysiptera rex complex. Adults of these species can be easily told appart by C. chrysocephala having a pronounced yellow color across the nape and upper anterior of the body. But no adults have been observed in Dauin yet. DNA data for C. rex, C. chrysocephala and a third member of the complex, C. caesifrons were presented in Allen, Erdmann & Kurniasih (2015). This demonstrated them to be three distinct species with C. chrysocephala found in the South China Sea, including the northern Visayas and Palawan in the Philipines, and one sighting in northern Sulawesi. Based on this distribution the sighting in Dauin is expected to represent C. chrysocephala.

Sighting localities

Sighting depth range

Depth range: 1.97 - 3.5

Sighting temperature range

Temperature range: 27.0 - 28.0

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Last update: 2023-11-26