Silhouettea nuchipunctata (Gobiidae), FB

Silhouettea nuchipunctata


Confidence: moderate

Silhouettea nuchipunctata is a poorly known species with no known live underwater images. Dr. Helen Larson pointed me to the genus Silhouettea and the identification is based on:

  1. S. nuchipunctata is the only member in the genus known in the Philippines
  2. S. nuchipunctata was described from Dumaguete, which is just next to Dauin.
  3. "nuchipunctata" refers to a milk-white nuchal spot, seen on the image.
  4. S. nuchipuncata has an elongated anterior first dorsal spine, seen on the image.

A difference is that the species was described from specimens collected from tide pools, whereas my sightings were from a 3-5m deep sand/rubble plateau. A specimen needs to be caught to compare other morphological details and obtain a DNA barcode sequence.

Note: I could not find a common name for this species and propose "napespot goby" reflecting the specific epithet that refers to the white nuchal spot.

Sighting localities

Sighting depth range

Depth range: 4.3 - 17.93

Sighting temperature range

Temperature range: 27.0 - 27.0

Created by: Bart Hazes
Last update: 2023-11-26