Eviota nigriventris (Gobiidae), FB

Eviota nigriventris


Confidence: high

Greenfield & Tornabene redescribed E. nigriventris in 2014 (Zootaxa 3793 (1): 133-146), clarifying the relationships between closely related species in the E. nigriventris complex.
In particular, they recognized E. brahmi as a closely related but distinct species. E. nigriventris is differentiated from the other members of the complex by a straight white stripe through the upper part of the eye, a short white dash below the eye and a black semicircle at the lower half of the tail base.


Eastern Indian Ocean and western Pacific

Described from Indonesia. Occurrence in Eastern Andaman Sea, Australia, the Philippines, Palau, and Japan (and other countries not mentioned). Need further confirmation through genetic data.

Sighting localities

Sighting depth range

Depth range: 9.280000000000001 - 20.869999999999997

Sighting temperature range

Temperature range: 26.0 - 28.0

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Last update: 2023-11-26