Eviota cf.teresae (Gobiidae), FB

Eviota cf.teresae


Confidence: moderate

Eviota teresae has been described from Fiji. Eviota populations closely resembling E. teresae have been reported from the East Indies, sometimes with small variations in eye color pattern. The Philippine specimens resemble the Fijian E. teresae very closely, including the eye pattern, but until genetic data can proof or refute that they are conspecific I use the name E. cf. teresae.


Western Pacific

Described from Rabi Island, Fiji. Also reported from the Amami Islands (southern Japan).

Sighting localities

Sighting depth range

Depth range: 1.11 - 13.76

Sighting temperature range

Temperature range: 27.0 - 29.0

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Last update: 2023-11-26