Eviota cf.longirostris (Gobiidae), FB

Eviota cf.longirostris


Confidence: moderate

Tornabene et al. split the formerly widespread species E. zebrina into four distinct species based on morphology, color patterns and genetic data (ZooKeys 1057: 149-184, 2021). E. longirostris was described based on specimens from Western Papua and are the best match to the specimens observed in the Philippines based on visual match and location.
The full range for this species is currently unknown and the Philippine observation would represent a range expansion. Until genetic data is available to confirm that this is indeed E. longirostris we use the name E. cf. longirostris.


Western Pacific

Described from West Papua, Indonesia. southern coastal region of West Papua to Aru Archipelago (and possibly Australia)

Sighting localities

Sighting depth range

Depth range: 14.1 - 14.9

Sighting temperature range

Temperature range: 26.0 - 26.0

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Last update: 2023-11-26